‘Walkies’ have been a godsend for me.

I work irregular times and often do not know from one day to the next whether or not I will be working. ‘Walkies’ have always been very accommodating.

Maisie stays with ‘Walkies’ for the full day. She always returns happy, tired and clean. I often wish ‘Walkies’ could clean her up after I have taken her for a walk as I never do as good a job as they do!!

I know that Maisie thoroughly enjoys her time with ‘Walkies’. She is always excited when she hears the van pulling up outside our house and, on the occasions we have bumped into them when I walk her, she rushes over to greet them with her tail wagging. She even jumped into their van one time and sat in ‘her space’.

Steve, Debbie and Lisa obviously love the animals they work with and treat Maisie as though she were their own. I would recommend them to anyone.

Julie & Maisie

Woof, woof. My name is Branston and I am a single minded, slightly anti-social terrier with a lot of energy. I live with Jan and Steve who took me in when I found myself wandering in a garden having lost my way. At first I didn’t really know what it was all about – they took me outside and expected me to walk. Walk – what about chasing things and running with the wind after all those scents? The thing I really didn’t like was all those other dogs we kept meeting – why didn’t they want to be off having fun? I’ll just make my own fun instead. We did often see these people out walking dogs and they seemed nice and let their dogs have a run about. I now know they were Steve and Debbie (‘Walkies’). They then came to my house – boy did I have fun jumping about. I think my owners were a bit apprehensive that I would be too naughty to go out with them and the other dogs. But nice Steve and Debbie said no problem. So now I wait for them to arrive, which gives me something to look forward to. After greeting them enthusiastically, it’s into the van and off we go. To where, only they know which is part of the fun. Come rain, shine or snow they always turn up and I know I’m going to be well looked after and taken for a good, long walk and run around. It’s never the same place either which is good and stops me from getting bored. I’ve even learnt to get along with all the other dogs – in fact it’s nice having buddies and being part of the pack. We are out for ages so I always come home nicely tired, relaxed and ready for a snooze. I have also stayed with Lisa overnight. It was nice being in a house and Lisa made me feel at home. In fact I didn’t miss my owners at all. Every dog should go out with ‘Walkies’. So says Branston. Woof, woof.


‘Walkies’ provide an excellent service at a very reasonable cost. If you work full time, as we do, you have the assurance that your dog is getting a good full hour’s walk and is in very capable and safe hands and will be well looked after. We have complete faith that Zak is well cared for when he is out with ‘Walkies’. Zak absolutely loves his walks with Debbie and Steve. He is getting on a bit and doesn’t often get excited these days except when ‘Walkies’ arrive to pick him up when he bounces around in the hallway waiting for them to open the door and take him for his walk as we have seen on occasions when we have been at home for some reason. He doesn’t even do that when we arrive home! We are sure that going out with ‘Walkies’ helps keep him “young” rather than his 12 years and also helps him socialise with other dogs.

‘Walkies’ provide a reliable, very friendly and professional service and we would recommend them to anyone.

Lynne, Peter and Zak

Every week-day Peanut waits patiently for the sound of the “Walkies” van, and if one of us is at home it’s a real treat to see how excited he gets when Debbie, Steve or Lisa knocks on the door. After greeting them like long-lost friends (after not seeing them for the eternity that is 24hrs) he jumps into the van without hesitation and is off to the woods to run, play, sniff, hunt out a good stick, and generally ‘catch up with his pack’. After all of that he returns tired and content. When we go on holiday Peanut also stays with Debbie and Steve at their house. This is a god-send to us as it means we know that our little guy is having his own holiday with a loving family who cater for his every need.

Put simply, I would recommend “Walkies” to any dog owner.

Debbie and Steve are friendly, flexible, incredibly professional, and most importantly, dog lovers. In simple terms, if you are out at work or you can’t walk your dog – your pooch couldn’t be placed in better hands.

Gareth and Katie

Jenna, our 2 year old Golden Retriever, absolutely loves going for walks with Debbie, Steve and Lisa. In fact if I’m in when ‘Walkies’ come for Jenna, she wags her tail frantically and barges past me to get to them!! She also stays with them when we are away and she always runs to their front door wagging her tail. We are really pleased we found ‘Walkies’. We know Jenna loves them and they are very reliable and completely trustworthy. I would recommend them to anyone.

Vicky and Steve – Apperley Bridge

We have found Debbie and Steve to be totally reliable and dependable, and have no hesitation in recommending their services. Before arranging for them to walk our dog, we had seen them many times at the local favourite places for dog walking. They have without fail turned up as arranged to take Pen-y out, and we enjoy reading the short report of the walk when we arrive home from work. Pen-y, our dog, is always very pleased to see them too, and has happily gone to stay with “Walkies” on several occasions.

David and Jenny – Idle

Murphy has been a regular ‘guest’ of Debbie & Steve when we go on holiday. Knowing he is with them is the difference between thinking he will be alright and peace of mind knowing he is safe, happy and loved.

Debbie & Steve also take him for regular walks, but we cannot use their names whilst he is within earshot, because he will sit at the window waiting for their arrival and as soon as he sees his transport coming, we get out of the way in case he knocks us over in the rush to get to them!

When we take him for walks we have to put him on the lead when we get to the opening of the field near to Debbie & Steve in case he does a ‘runner’, (recently when we caught up with him he was sat on their doorstep!). Without doubt in our minds this speaks volumes for the way Debbie & Steve care for the animals in their charge.

Thank you Debbie & Steve for being so kind, caring and trustworthy.

Nancy, Carmel & Murphy

Blue is a regular customer of Walkies and the service Debbie & Steve provide is second to none – and that has meant that I could keep Blue following a change in my circumstances. They walk him every working day and look after him regularly when I am away with work, or on holiday.

On the daily walks, Blue can tell by the sound of the van that it’s time to go and waits at the back door on full alert!

When I am away, I know that instead of being locked up all day and just exercised round a field like at a kennels, Blue is with people and exercised off lead with other dogs. He comes home absolutely exhausted – the first time he stayed with Debbie, he slept for a full day afterwards! He has also become more confident with other dogs as he gets used to meeting different types.

Steve and Debbie are as flexible as they can be and give lots of notice when they go away so I can make other arrangements – although I tend to take the day off as I don’t like to put Blue in kennels when he is used to being so well looked after! They also cope brilliantly with the little things that looking after Blue entails – including him escaping from my back garden and when he has been poorly!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Walkies and the service Debbie and Steve provide.

Catherine and Blue

We bought Toby to help my husband and for over 5 years he had never been left on his own for long periods of time. When our circumstances changed, Toby was alone at home during the day and he was badly affected. Toby was very much a ‘people’ dog and was very possessive with his balls and my daughter and I wanted Toby to socialise with other dogs and be happy again.

We found ‘Walkies’ advertised in the Local Focal and one phone call arranged a visit. My daughter and I were overwhelmed with the kindness and professionalism shown by Steve and Debbie, and their attention to detail, and had no hesitation in asking them to take Toby out daily. It gives us great peace of mind to know that Toby is enjoying himself and being taken care of, with the bonus of visits to the house for security.

Toby has a good routine and his behaviour has changed. We put a lot of this down to the walks with Steve & Debbie. Walkies has helped us tremendously, and my daughter and I cannot thank them enough – and if you have a dog that needs walking, I am sure Toby will introduce himself as a friend!

June and Emma – Thackley

‘Walkies’ Bradford were employed by us to walk and care for our young Jack Russell terrier for over three years. We have always found Debbie to be reliable, trustworthy and flexible.
Spider is a very happy and playful dog and this is due in part to the good care she receives during the day from Debbie’s visits. Spider is indeed very fond of Debbie and nothing is too much trouble!

We feel confident leaving both our dog and home in Debbie’s hands and have no hesitation in recommending her to you.

E. T. – Bradford

I have known Debbie for a long time. She is one of the most kind, loyal and trustworthy people I know.

Whilst on holiday this year, I left our dog Molly with her and her family. I knew she would be well cared for and walked regularly every day.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Debbie to look after any animal either on a daily basis or housing them for a holiday period. Debbie has a great love of animals and their welfare is her foremost concern.

B.W. – Idle

‘Walkies’ Bradford have walked and looked after Coco and during this time they have developed a strong bond with our dog, a German Shorthaired Pointer and likewise the dog has with them. Debbie is a very caring and trustworthy person and we would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone.

N. B. – Bradford

I work full time and previously, could take my retriever, Leo, to work with me. When I changed jobs I was very concerned about leaving him alone all day in the house, until I found out about ”Walkies”. They are invaluable to me and I know my dog is in good hands when he has his daily walk with them.

Both Debbie and Steve are dog lovers with their own pets.

They are reliable, experienced and committed to their work and they have never let me down. They have a key to my house and they pick Leo up, walk him for a good hour and then drop him home. They always dry him down if he’s wet and dirty and write a daily record about him for when I get home.I trust them implicitly, they bring good references and they run a very professional service.

”Walkies” benefit both me and my dog. Leo is much more sociable around other dogs and now has ”doggie friends” to see every day and I have a lot less stress when I am at work knowing he is in such good hands.

They are certainly value for money to me and I would heartily recommend them.

Gill and Leo

Walkies have been looking after Alfie, our Standard Poodle, whilst we go on holiday for a long time..
I have known Debbie for over ten years and have always found her to be kind, caring and honest. Debbie and her husband Steve look after Alfie like they do their own dog. I would not hesitate to recommend ‘WALKIES’ to anyone seeking ‘Home from Home’ boarding of their pet.

P.W. – Bradford

We found ‘Walkies’ Bradford services on their web site after we were concerned about leaving our dogs in the house all day whilst we were at work. Debbie and Steve have been walking Badger and Olive since they were puppies.
We have found Debbie and Steve to be completely reliable and totally professional and it gives us great peace of mind to know that the dogs are out having fun with their friends when we are at work. The group walks have been great for socialising Badger and Olive who love having a good old play with other dogs.
On the rare occasions that we have been in when they have picked up the dogs, it was great to see that they were over the moon to see ‘Walkies’ and couldn’t wait to get in the van quick enough!
We would highly recommend ‘Walkies’ Bradford.

Jon and Becky, Baildon

Trusting someone to come into your home, when you are out, to collect your dog and take him for a walk can be a big step to take. We were initially apprehensive but Debbie and Steve put our minds at ease straight away and we trust them completely with both our house and Marco.

Walkies are professionally organised and instil confidence in us that Marco will be well looked after. They are extremely reliable and have never once let us down. You even receive a report as to where Marco has been each day and the other dogs he has been for “Walkies” with!

We can highly recommend Debbie and Steve to look after your best friend just as you would yourself.

Susan, Andrew and Marco

We have been taking Boffin, our African grey parrot, to Debbie and Steve’s house and we could not be more pleased with the love and care given to him. It is so good to know that we can leave him safe and happy.

Debbie gives him freedom from his cage and treats him like one of the family. She is brilliant. To Boffin it is his second home. In fact, quite often when we go to collect him, he will not come out of his cage for us to take him home. He is so settled there.

Frankie, Dave and Boffin